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    ■ Automotive Lens

Mainly includes inner view lens, rearview lens, front view lens, side view lens, surround-view lens, etc. Globally, with the rapid development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving markets, the demand for the car camera lenses, as the key sensor of smart cars, is growing rapidly.
As the main component of car cameras, the market size of in-vehicle lenses is also rising steadily.

    ■ Consumer Lens

With the continuous development of the social economy, and the rapid progress of related science and technology such as optical optoelectronics, mobile Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing, biometrics, etc., products in downstream applications such as security video surveillance and consumer electronics are becoming digital , High-definition, networking, intelligence and other development trends, high-quality optical lenses, as the core components of security cameras, smart phones, car cameras, virtual reality, smart homes, sports DV, drones, medical equipment, etc., are becoming one of the important factors affecting the application effects of the above products

    ■ Industrial Lens

With the development of the automation industry in recent years, machine vision has become an emerging industry with technological innovation and industrial demand. Machine vision technology refers to simulate the visual effects of people based on the intake images and obtaining information content, solving in many ways and finally used for inspection, precise measurement, discrimination, and manipulation. Industrial lenses are indispensable components in machine vision systems, which directly affect the quality of imaging and the realization and effects of algorithms. Industrial cameras are considered to be a market segment with bright prospects in the automation industry.

    ■ Custom Lens

With the rise of some emerging fields and the special specification requirements of traditional customers, the requirements of lenses are becoming more and more specialized and diversified. Based on the R&D level of Trace higher than its peers, in order to better serve customers and provide better product experience, our company also accepts a series of customized services for special lenses, and provides customers with comprehensive optical solutions.


Product application fieldTrace Optical

Car front-mounted and quasi-front-mounted fields


Security monitoring & intelligent IPC field

Artificial Intelligence and the Internet field

Sports DV and aerial photography

Customized fields such as medical endoscopes